Milk Teeth – Sad Sack EP Review

South-west post-grungers refine their dynamic salt/sugar sound
By Jamie Holker

The Simpsons enthusiasts and rock band Milk Teeth released their second EP last week. Titled ‘Sad Sack’, it must be an ironic name because it is as forceful as a punch to the stomach.

At only six tracks the only disappointment is that it is an EP and not a full release, as it only leaves the listener wanting more. There is a notable shift on this record compared to their earlier release ‘Smiling Politely’, a slight focus-pull from vocalist Josh to vocalist Becky, her sweet and placid tones taking more of a centre stage. This only serves to make Josh’s incredibly visceral growls even more impactful, coming in like a right hook to the ear in refrains and then dominating later portions of the record (Bagels is a particular highlight).

Their Garbage meets Nirvana sound is also refined and expanded. Opener Vitamins has a nice headbang intro while Melon Blade’s jangly bass chords inject a nice bit of melody into a distortion heavy release. ‘No Fun’ explores a dark and murky harmonics while ‘Trampoline’ stretches out into a epic closer.

Possibly the best thing to happen to heavy rock since Royal Blood smashed onto the scene last year, the only question is what comes next?

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