Start A Riot #2 – The Star and Garter

Episode Two focuses on the iconic setting of episode one, The Star and Garter. This historic pub has been on the current site since 1877 and has been host to punk gigs and fantastic club nights since the 1980s. On a personal note I spent many a Saturday night at the legendary indie disco Smile, hands down the best indie night I have ever been to up and down the country.

Unfortunately due to the planned expansion of Piccadilly station across the road due to the Northern Hub project, The Star and Garter has received a Compulsory Purchase Order from the Network Rail, which is owned by the Government. Details of how to object to this CPO in writing or by email can be found at the end of this post, and must be made by the 12th of February.

In this video we interviewed Andy Martin, licencee of The Star and Garter about the past and present of the pub, and what lies in store for the building and establishment.

Any objections to, or other representations about, the proposals in the TWA application should be sent to;

Secretary of State for Transport
c/o Transport and Works Act Orders Unit,
General Counsel’s Office,
Department for Transport,
Zone 1/18,
Great Minster House,
33 Horseferry Road,


An objection or representation MUST;
Be received by the Secretary of State on or before Thursday February 12th

Be made in writing (whether sent by post or email)

State the grounds of the objection or other representation

Indicate who is making the objection or representation

Give an address to which your correspondence relating to the objection or representation may be sent

If you are sending your objection or other representation by email, please provide a postal address and state “Manchester Piccadilly and Oxford Road Capacity Scheme TWA Order” in the subject of the email.

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